Model Price Blog – Four Items We Changed Since We Started.

Model Price has been blogging now for a month and a half.  The response has far exceeded our most bullish expectations.  These are the things that we learned.

1.   In the beginning we referred and linked to graphs that were posted in our Facebook application.   With recommendations from our readers we now have posted the graph(s) within the blog so readers don’t have to click out of the blog itself.

2.   We initially worried about enough material to blog about.  Well after a month and a half and almost 40 blogs later, we don’t think we have to worry about the frequency of material.

3.   We took some time reproducing our “Key Concepts” description from our Facebook page and placed it in the “Wordpress” blog for ease of staying within the app.

4.   In five or six of our posted blogs we were referring to “Convexity”, which wasn’t referred to under “Key Concepts”.  We have now edited “Key Concepts” to include “Convexity”.

We think we are offering something very unique.  We are offering a new way of looking at finance, a new way of looking at fundamental research, through a graphical interface along with editorializing.  We are looking forward to more cross-talk from our readers and readers who are more experienced with our work helping new readers with their investment decisions.

We are off to a good start, if you have any comments and/or criticisms please let us know.

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