ModelPriceGuy will be on Vacation for a Week.

Yes, tomorrow ModelPriceGuy will be focusing on the dimples of a golf ball as opposed to pixels on the screen.

Tonight, of course, we are set up for the earnings release of Research in Motion (RIMM).  We will input their year-end balance sheet (if they give one) into our system so you can have a look at the most up-to-date graph on Facebook with tonight’s computer run.  If there is anything significant in the release or the call we will rip off a quick post.  We will be looking anyway, so no big deal.  As a reminder, this was our last blog post on RIM and what we are looking for in terms of information from the company (here).

We will return rested and looking forward to the start of 1st quarter earnings parade, which will start the second week of April.

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