State of Model Price Nation – One Year Anniversary.

It has been one year since I started my blog Model Price – Ideas and Concepts by ModelPrice Guy.  Believe it or not I posted 162 blogs over the year, and I had fun writing every one of them.  This blog has taken me from spectator constantly saying, “I saw that”, to actively blogging about events and going on record with my thoughts.

When I started to blog the writing muscle in my head was soft and flabby.  Over the year this flabby muscle has started to develop some definition.  Certainly when I read my earlier work I cringe of how I wrote certain things.  And yes, I even corrected my spelling mistakes.

From a traffic perspective, I have been impressed at the amount of traffic I have received throughout the year.  To date, I have received over 35,000 page views or “reads” as I call them.  As any beginning blogger will tell you, when you start blogging you have NO idea who will read what you write, if anybody reads your stuff at all.  I didn’t know what I expected but thrilled at the numbers especially since Acker Finley clients were not told of my effort.  We will start to integrate, with links to the Acker Finley site in a few weeks.  I wanted to get my “sea legs” if you will before announcing this effort formally.

As for the blogs themselves, which I reread every so often, I have made a fair amount of predictions with a lot of success, in my opinion.  Certainly my Netflix (NFLX) call at the beginning of last year started my blog off with a bang.  With NFLX trading at $123 a share on January 30th last year, I targeted EBV+5 or $47.50 at the time.  NFLX was trading at $55 at the end of August or EBV+5 as I predicted.  My other calls on the S&P 500, Canadian Pacific (Ackman winning proxy fight), Tweeted recommending the sale of Apple at $704 with follow up blog, and following Facebook – pre IPO, post IPO and highlighting in my last blog on Facebook in 2012 pointing out a positive transit of EBV+5, a good entry point for my readers, were certainly highlights.  The one post I do regret doing was the one blog on “The Coming Social Media Bull Market”.  With Groupon, and Facebook crashing and burning, certainly there was no bull market for these names in 2012.

Model Price Facebook Application

Individuals using our model price application have grown steadily over the year.  There are now over 200 people using this app over a week’s period according to Facebook.  Like the blog I had no feeling of the number of actual users who would use our database however I know the potential is huge and Facebook can scale accordingly.

However my dream of people helping people is coming up short.  I know people are looking at the charts however hesitant to make any comments.  Though some have started in the last few months, baby steps.

Forget About the Past.  What about the Future!

First and foremost I will keep up with the blogging.  WordPress is a great platform to explain our model price work and I will continue to blog and use it as a platform.

Facebook is awesome.  No better platform to develop two-way relationships.  I need to get more people using this app and start contributing.  The more people contribute with model price charts as the focal point of discussion the more money the contributors and the community will make.  I have total certainty of this claim and hope this reality will soon appear.

I have used Twitter off and on during the year.  For the most part I didn’t get Twitter.  Why?  Just couldn’t get my head around the flow of tweets and relevancy.  Then over Christmas I discovered Tweetbot and the world has opened up for me.  I see it!  For those of you not into Twitter, give Tweetbot a try.  I certainly will be using Twitter a lot more this year as a platform so you may want to follow me @modelpriceguy on Twitter if you haven’t already done so.

Video.  I will be doing short video clips, which will be posted on Facebook and sent out to my community on Twitter.  We are currently testing a few applications, which can do this seamlessly and with little effort.  You will be able to see my enthusiasm and a model price chart together in one frame as I explain or interpret the chart I want to highlight.

As a heavy iPhone 5 user, placing our Facebook app database on a mobile platform makes perfect sense and on my wish list.  My tech developer (love you bro) and I have had some initial thoughts and as 2013 continues don’t be surprised that model price charts can be viewed from your smartphone.

Reminder – Model Price is about Outcomes

Even though I discussed page views and numbers of the Facebook community earlier, this whole project – Model Price the application and myself  (modelprice guy) are about outcomes.  As I have stated in this blog.  Outcomes, where individuals are making better trading decisions and making money or losing less because of this service.  I know several individuals who have integrated model price with other disciplines or trading tools (i.e., technical analysis) they have come to trust over the years with great results.  Investors/traders can be different but the goal is the same – making $$$.

So this is the state of the nation – Model Price Nation.  2012 was a great year, one of introduction and commitment.  2013 will be one of continuation, expanding to the Twitter platform and trying to get the Facebook community to expand and expound on all things Model Price.

As always comments are welcome!

2 responses to “State of Model Price Nation – One Year Anniversary.

  1. Tak Lun January 11, 2013 at 8:26 am

    Hi MPG, thank you for the continuous support for this community you’ve created. Coming from the technical analysis camp, I believe the theories and service you provide are unique and are of great value. I am truly grateful that you have been so open with your work and knowledge. I use your app on Facebook for all my research and trading decisions. I read your blogs for entertainment and education. Thanks for helping the individual investor!

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