$76 Billion Reasons to Sell Gold Stocks (Update 1)

Did anyone tell you to sell your gold stocks?

The market back on February 21th gave investors one of the clearest signals I have seen in almost 20 years of using model price charts to sell any and all gold stocks in your portfolio.  In a blog which I wrote on February 24th, 2013 I highlighted just 3 gold stocks – major gold companies, which all had a negative transits on the same day!  As I noted in the blog, I didn’t think I have ever seen this before or maybe I have and don’t remember. (I’m getting that age!)

In doing a quick recap, Barrick gold is down some 42% from the close on February 21, 2013 to April 17, 2013 – almost 2 months later.  Goldcorp is down close to 16% and Newmont Mining down 20% over the same time period.


I could review some mid to small cap names but what would be the use.  They are all down big, with some down over 50%.

Believe me when I say I hate bragging and the macho crap that goes along with making such a call.  What I can’t resist is highlighting a teachable moment.  Yes, anybody could have made this call including you.  Better still you didn’t need an exceedingly expensive MBA or a CFA to make this call.  There was no complicated spreadsheet analysis, nor industry insider knowledge that you needed.  All you needed was our model price charts, which are free for everyone to see.  The algorithms do the work for you.  Once we overlay stock prices with our EBV algorithms you have more knowledge and sophistication than any gold specialist.  The collective wisdom of millions of traders can be seen and used by you when you are willing to look and make some simple observations.  Better still you can make these observations and tell others including me!

It’s easy…too easy!

Did anyone tell you to sell your gold stocks?


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