Having a Time Out from Model Price Charts

Do I have this title correct?

Yes, I do.

Occasionally, I take time away from our model price charts.  Last week I took four whole days of not looking.  This is very hard for me but I force myself.  Time away equals perspective.

Yes, sometimes you look to closely.  Sometimes you look too often.  When markets are working in your favour you believe more work will yield more profits.  But life and markets don’t work out this way.  Often times less is more.

After four off days, Sunday night, I open our model price browser with anticipation.  I have discovered a new energy, a new sense of what is going on.  Each model price chart is new.  Yes, I have seen them before but they look different.  Edgier.  Telling a fuller story.

And I’m using the Facebook application more and more. I like the simplicity.  The lack of exact EBV numbers actually makes the transits more visible.  Tradable.  More profits.

Business news never stops.  It is always in the background.  The buzz that is continuous never stops.  This buzz accumulates in your subconscious whether you know it or not.  This is what it’s like when you’re in the business or make your living interacting with the financial markets.  My anxiety builds over these four days.  Sometimes it is helpful to let this anxiety build on purpose.  This is what happens when I don’t look at our model price charts for a period of time – anxiety.  And when I start looking at the model price charts this anxiety quietly melts away.  (See my previous blog – “How Model Price Charts ease my market anxiety”)


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