Why Apple’s Stock Price is Floundering!

With Apple’s earnings out tonight I thought I would reblog my blog on March 21, 2013 for those who are interested in Model Price analysis on Apple.

Model Price

“Apple’s valuation is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.”  I have revised Winston Churchill’s famous quote on Russia to make a point on investors, both professional and do-it-yourself types, that seem perplexed on Apple’s current valuation.  We have all watched while Apple’s stock price has inexplicably eroded from just over $700 per share to its current value of $452.08.  Why? This to my mind is what is wrong with the current state of finance. There is no definitive source or service available to have any discussion about valuation.  There is currently no math that exists today, in published textbooks or accredited courses that answer the question of valuation properly to the common man or investor.

New math has to be created.  New tools should be invented. The current orthodoxly is broken.  Isn’t there a Harvard MBA anywhere that can tell anybody the valuation puzzle that investors crave? …

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