July 2014 – Monthly S&P 500 Market Strategy Update



“Sorry what was that?” you say.


I opened last month – June 2014 – Monthly S&P 500 Market Strategy Update – with the opening, “What can one say about the US equity markets? No real volatility and hitting new highs everyday!”


What else can I say but the obvious…ditto!


As usual let’s have a look at the model price chart of the S&P 500 Index.


S&P 500 Index Model Price Chart

S&P 500 Index Model Price Chart



As a reminder we aggregate all companies in the S&P 500 Index into one chart on a market capitalized basis (like the S&P 500 Index itself), so we can see where the market – S&P 500 – is trading relative to its EBV lines.


As you can observe the US market, as defined by the S&P 500, is still in the middle of the zone bookmarked by EBV+3 and EBV+4. If the market rallied to EBV+4 (2162) this would represent a gain of some 9%. If the market corrected back to EBV+3 (1728) investors would be suffering losses of 13%.


This is the first time this year where the risks for the US equity investors outweigh the upside rewards since the positive transit of EBV+3 back in May of 2013.


Should US equity investors be alarmed? No. For me it’s just a reminder that risk is ever present and growing. I do look at my portfolio of stocks and ask, “Do I have too much?” And if I do I lighten up.


Of course it’s hard. Yes, I’m making tons of cash just holding my positions. But I have been in this game too long not to understand market risk. To me risk is being in a position of NOT buying more when the situation arises. Can you image having Apple (AAPL) pulling back to EBV+5 on a market pullback and NOT being in a position to buy more. That’s how I define risk. So I sell some Apple here. Make sense?


More than anything Model Price Theory (MPT) is about assessing risk/reward and investing a highly probable market or equity bottoms. Users of Model Price should always know where their individual equity positions are relative to their trading (EBV) zones including the overall market – S&P 500 Composite.

Since I began this blog quoting from the June market strategy blog, I will end it in the same way.


“So relax, take it easy because second quarter earnings are on the way and with September and October coming; these two months always seem to be eventful for one reason or another.


As always, see what happens.”

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