Back To Blogging

I’m back.

For the last year and a bit I went on what Australian’s call a ‘walkabout’. After three years of blogging it dawned on me that I needed to up-grade my skillset not only physically, learning to touch type, but also find a multi-dimensional theme for my blogging.

See when I started to blog I thought the subject matter would be simple rules or tutorials in how I use Model Price everyday. A positive transit here (buy signal), a negative transit (sell signal) there. Then I progressed into why some stocks are successful and will probably be successful in the future, in terms of rates of return, by using Model Price Theory (MPT) and why others are not. I have to admit I’m most proud of the blogs that didn’t have anything to do with MPT like 10 Things I Did Differently in the Crash of 2008; That I Didn’t Do in 1987 and 2000.

This of course led to something unexpected. I loved blogging. More to the point, I loved writing. Now for an accountant and a numbers guy all his life, this was a revelation. And when I wasn’t writing something, anything, even practicing my touch-typing: The best way I can describe my feeling was I felt a hole in my soul. Weird I know, but this is the best way I can describe that feeling of not touching the keyboard on a daily basis.

Furthermore, Model Price Theory (MPT) is pointing to a future that in my opinion is disconcerting. Since the market crash of 2007-8 the balance sheets of governments, financial institutions and publicly traded companies are pointing to a direction that causes me concern. We are witnessing symptoms of my concern in negative interest rates, currency devaluations, asset price valuations and slow, if any, worldwide economic growth on a daily basis. The traffic light is flashing yellow and modern economic thought – whether you’re a Keynesian, Austrian or monetarist (or some of each which seems popular these days) – seems at odds not only explaining what is going on but more importantly how to return our global economic performance back on track of where it was or what we remember.

That’s right, balance sheets matter. And no matter how mixed up this world seems to have become every individual, company, government (local, regional, national and super-national) and central bank have a balance sheet and by extension solvency issues. Model Price Theory (MPT) can help interrupt and analyze said balance sheets and their impact on the economy.

Also, I spend an ordinate (and happy) amount of time and writing on Facebook. Our Model Price App on Facebook is a bigger success than we imagined. I’m convinced we have made a material difference in rate of return outcomes for our Model Price community and I’m so excited about our members’ future portfolio profitability. For a world where public attention can be impossible to get, our Facebook app has a community that returns day after day as part of their daily routine. Why? Model Price is relevant to people’s investment decision-making process. From time to time I will reproduce on this blog community questions and my answers for a written record that for some newcomers maybe more simple to use. As at this writing there are over 3,300 comments on Facebook on various companies and subjects in what seems to be random or hot topic basis. Far too many comments and subjects for anyone person to reasonably go through in a single/multiple sitting. Plus with blog tagging Model Price blog readers ( can search more easily possible MPT subjects or companies of interest instead of trying to scroll down the comment section on our app.

Enough said.

So I’m happy to be back.

And ready to write.

The ‘walkabout’ is now over!


2 responses to “Back To Blogging

  1. Mark November 2, 2015 at 11:39 am

    Very happy to hear that you are back Brian!! Looking forward to your future blog posts and your continued contributions to the community!!

  2. Doug Cowdrey November 2, 2015 at 2:32 pm

    Glad yer back. Guess hot Yoga does not solve all!~

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